• About us
    Stile Design Italiano by Burno - established 2012 - is our trademark to identify an exclusive range of design products, symbol of Italian excellence, that combine art aesthetics and functionality with exceedingly high quality.
    We specifically cater to Interior Designers, Decorators, Architects, Developers and Contractors. In our showroom, opened in the core of the Miami design district, are exposed a selection of unique out of the box Made in Italy products. Flexible stone and other surfaces in rolls, top quality resin & linen filled with resin, artworks included into hand-crafted tables and chairs, artisanal coverings.
    The historical, cultural and production heritage of the traditional Italian craftsmanship is here waiting for you.
  • Business experience
    Born in a entrepreneur environment Luca Bernabei had the chance to follow a family tradition. His father Aldo started selling building materials in Rome 64 years ago. Further he was President of IBM Italia SpA and at last founded Tiber Spa, Toshiba office products exclusive importer and distribuitor in Italy since 1974. Luca was General Director and CEO at Tiber SpA and since 1981 is a member of Manageritalia the Italian Association of Managers. He’s currently leading Stile Design Italiano as Principal.
  • Our values
    Respect, Responsibility, Humility, Knowledge, Excellence, Enthusiasm, Innovation, Sustainability.
  • Made in Italy
    Our products are fully designed, produced and packed in Italy, they represent centuries of tradition with steady research and development with leading innovation. They are the expression of love and passion, fashion and design bringing out the joy of living.
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